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What are the specific differences between silicon molybdenum rods and silicon carbide rods

October 10, 2020

Both silicon molybdenum rods and silicon carbide rods are heating elements, both of which have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. They are widely used in real life, but many people do not know the difference between silicon molybdenum rods and silicon carbide rods. And what are the characteristics? In order to be better applied in practice, it is very important to clarify the difference between the two. Then, what are the specific differences between silicon molybdenum rods and silicon carbide rods?

1. Antioxidant

In addition to common features, silicon carbide rods also have the characteristics of resistance to rapid cold and heat, fast heating, not easy to deform at high temperatures, and strong acid resistance. Among them, the main component of silicon carbide rod is silicon carbide, which will be slowly oxidized after long-term use, causing the proportion of silicon dioxide in the component to become higher and higher, and then the resistance of the component becomes larger and larger and aging. The silicon molybdenum rod electric heating element is made of a resistance heating element based on molybdenum disilicide, with high temperature resistance, low aging resistance, and strong thermal shock resistance. In an oxidizing atmosphere, its maximum temperature can reach 1800°C. Its use temperature is 500-1700℃

2. Protective layer protection

The silicon carbide rod is a non-metallic electric heating element. It is made of high-purity green hexagonal silicon carbide as the main raw material and is recrystallized at high temperature. It does not require any protective atmosphere when used in the air. It is suitable for various electric furnaces and electric kilns. A dense quartz protective layer is formed on the surface of the lower original, and the silicon molybdenum rod needs to be protected by a glass film.

3. Constant temperature

Because the silicon carbide rods are used at high temperature, they have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, fast heating, long life, small high temperature deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, etc., and have good chemical stability. If they are matched with an automatic power supply system, they can get accurate and constant The temperature can be adjusted automatically according to the curve according to the actual needs of the production process, and the silicon molybdenum rod cannot be kept under constant temperature conditions.

In addition, for tunnel kilns, roller kilns, glass kilns, vacuum furnaces, muffle furnaces, smelting furnaces and various heating equipment, the use of silicon carbide rods for heating is convenient, safe and reliable. Silicon molybdenum rods are widely used in national defense, machinery, metallurgy, light chemical industry, ceramics, semiconductors, analysis and testing, scientific research and other fields, and become electric heating elements for various electric furnaces and kilns. Now the market for silicon molybdenum rods is relatively large. The silicon molybdenum rods need to be carefully selected.

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