1200℃ Industrial Electric Lifting Box Furnace

1200℃ Industrial Electric Lifting Box Furnace

Model No.: STD-640-12

Chamber Size: 800*1000*800mm

Continuous Temp.: 1100℃

Heating Element: High Quality HRE

Temperature Precision: ±1℃

Thermocouple: N Type 


Model STD-96-12 STD-288-12 STD-640-12 STD-1200-12 STD-2160-12 STD-3000-12 Customized
Chamber Size(WxLxH)mm 400x600x400 600x800x600 800x1000x800 1000x1200x1000 1200x1500x1200 1500x2000x1000 Any size
Type Industrial Box Furnace
Furnace Structure Chamber Material, Temperature Controller System, Heating Element, Furnace Shell and Other assistant parts
Max Temperature 1200℃
Continue Operating Temp. 1100℃
Power Supply 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Heating Element High Quality HRE
Chamber Material High temperature polycrystal alumina ceramic fiber material
Temperature Precision ±1℃
Thermocouple N type
Temperature Controller Electronic Component Shimaden intelligent microcomputer PID controller can program 32 segments
Electronic Component Schneider maker
Heating Rate ≤ 25℃/min ( suggest 15℃/min for longer life using of furnace )
Safety Protection Overheat and Thermocouple-break alarm
Certification ISO9001 CE SGS
Furnace Shell High quality cold-rolled steel sheets CNC processing
Insulation High quality thermal insulation material to ensure a good uniformity
Accessories One pair of high temperature furnace gloves One piece of crucible steel tong - One pair of crucible steel tongs
Optional Paperless recorder Stainless steel exhaust chimney Alumina crucible Electric lifting structure

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