GC Type Heating ElementsGC Type Heating ElementsGC Type Heating Elements

GC Type Heating Elements

Model type: GC

Outer diameter: OD / OD1, mm

Hot end length: HZ, mm

Cold end length Cold end length: CZ, mm

Total length: OL, mm

Note: can be customized according to requirements


The GC Type silicon carbide rod is an electric heating element composed of a hollow tubular heating part and a thickened end.
Component texture: hard and brittle, resistant to rapid cold and heat, and will not deform under high temperature.
Density: 3.2g/cm3
Hardness: 9.5 MOH'S
Specific heat: 0.17 kcal/kg
Thermal conductivity: 20 kcal/m. hour.
Degree expansion coefficient: 5*10-6
Diameter: 8-40mm
Length: 220-4000mm
Rated temperature: 1500 .
The thick end silicon carbide rods are mostly used in test furnaces. Can produce corresponding specifications or unconventional silicon carbide rod components according to customer drawings requirements

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