DM Type Heating ElementsDM Type Heating Elements

DM Type Heating Elements

Model type: DM

Outer diameter: OD, mm

Hot end length: HZ, mm

Cold end length: CZ, mm

Note: can be customized according to requirements


It is suitable for heating the bottom or both sides of large box furnaces and trolley furnaces. It has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy, convenient wiring, and small temperature difference.

Electrical properties of silicon carbide rods: Silicon carbide rods are a kind of non-linear resistors, which are discrete at room temperature.

During electric heating, the resistance value gradually decreases from room temperature to 750℃±50℃, and the resistance value between 800℃-900℃ rises slowly, so the resistance value between 1050℃±50℃ is basically stable, and the resistance measured at this time Relatively standard, easy to use when installing.

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