H Type Heating ElementsH Type Heating ElementsH Type Heating Elements

H Type Heating Elements

Model type: H

Outer diameter: OD, mm

Hot end length: HZ, mm

Cold end length: CZ, mm

Total length: OL, mm

Spacing tool holder spacing: A, mm

Note: can be customized according to requirements


H-type silicon carbide rod (GDH): commonly used for heating and heat preservation in the glass industry. Electrical properties of silicon carbide rods: Silicon carbide rods are a kind of non-linear resistors, which are discrete at room temperature.

During electric heating, the resistance value gradually decreases from room temperature to 750℃±50℃, and the resistance value between 800℃-900℃ rises slowly, so the resistance value between 1050℃±50℃ is basically stable, and the resistance measured at this time Relatively standard, easy to use when installing.

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