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How to use silicon carbide rods correctly

October 21, 2023

A new furnace or an electric furnace that has not been used for a long time must be baked before use. When baking, use old rods or other heat sources as much as possible. When the silicon carbide rods pass through the rod holes on both sides of the furnace wall, they should be rotated 360° to prevent forced devices. You can use an iron pipe with the same diameter as the end of the rod before installing the rod. The silicon carbide rod is hard and brittle. Be careful when transporting, unpacking, and changing the device. Handle with care and put it lightly, and prevent mechanical knocks to avoid breaking the rod.

When the new furnace starts to transmit power, the voltage should be gradually increased in order to avoid rod breakage. The normal starting voltage should be 1/2 of the rated voltage, and then gradually increase the voltage after everything is normal. During the heating process, water is discharged, and the resistance furnace used should have vent holes to remove the water or other harmful exhaust gas in the furnace, so as not to affect the service life of the rod.

During the storage process of the stick, pay attention to moisture-proof. If it is found that the aluminum sprayed area at the end of the rod has deliquescence, the aluminum can be sprayed again after surface treatment. If there is no aluminum spraying condition, you can wrap several layers of aluminum foil in the sprayed aluminum section of the rod for reuse. It is strictly forbidden to use the silicon carbide rod with overload. If the rod breaks for some reason or finds that the rod heats up unevenly, part of it is incandescent or dark red for a period of time, this indicates that the rod body is not uniformly aging, and the resistance difference in a rod is too large. The furnace should be shut down for maintenance and replaced.

The use of silicon carbide rods must be equipped with voltage regulating transformers or thyristor voltage regulators, voltage, ammeters, and temperature automatic control instruments. In the process of application, the resistance gradually increases due to the oxidation of the rod. In order to maintain a normal furnace temperature, the application voltage should be increased. When the voltage has increased to the maximum limit of the used transformer and still cannot meet the requirements, the furnace can be stopped and the connection method of the rod can be changed before continuing to use.

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