1700-U Type Heating Elements1700-U Type Heating Elements

1700-U Type Heating Elements

Material Grade: 1700

Diameter: D1/D2, mm/mm

Hot zone length: Le, mm

Cold end length: Lu, mm

Note: can be customized according to requirements


U-shaped silicon molybdenum rod: U-shaped silicon molybdenum rod: U-shaped design element is the most commonly used one. The heating end is welded to the end of the cold end, and the diameter of the cold end is twice the diameter of the hot end. This specification is the most commonly used specification, and is generally used for vertical suspension.

When customizing products, customers need to provide the required product's heating end diameter, heating end length, cold end length, and center distance parameters.

The standard specifications are: d1x d2: Φ3/6, Φ4/9, Φ5/10, Φ6/12, Φ7/14, Φ9/18, Φ12/24 and other specifications.

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